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How to Get GEEK

Geek Mook probes the vulnerabilities of geeks and geek culture. Editors Aaron Mannion and Julian Novitz have chosen both established artists and their emergent siblings to expose the patches and passions that contribute to the uptime—and downtime—of the most awkward … Continue reading

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Fat Mook – Request for Submissions

Vignette Press is seeking new work for the latest in its acclaimed series of mooks. After The Sex Mook, The Death Mook, and Geek Mook, comes Fat Mook. In a climate where fat bodies are ridiculed, controlled, and feared, Fat … Continue reading

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Special Guest Stars Named!

Dungeon Mook: Crawl to Mount Geek! We’ve released the names of our special guest stars: Ben Pobjie, Emmett Stinson, Meg Mundell, Emily Zoe Baker, Tom Cho, Sofija Stefanovic, Ronnie Scott and Estelle Tang!!! Will you be there? Or does the … Continue reading

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Fun-Razor – Dungeon Mook: Crawl to Mount Geek!

When the comedy show Dungeon Crawl and Vignette Press’s mook series shared a cab toward the city centre, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When the cab crashed into a truck carrying toxic waste from an experimental plant deep in … Continue reading

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Geek Mook: Call for Submissions

mook – 1. A bound hybrid publication issued in a series. 2. Not quite a magazine, not quite a book. 3. A collection of surprising, unconventional new writing. geek – 1. An awkward or socially inept person. 2. A person … Continue reading

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Times Are Changing – Vignette Press News

As you may have noticed, Vignette Press has been very quiet for a while now. Although I still have a passion for independent publishing and enthusiasm for Vignette Press, my priorities have changed a lot over the past two years and … Continue reading

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Sex Mook Editorial

by Julian Fleetwood. First published October 2007. Because sex defines, influences and affects everyone; because each of us has a unique sexuality; because we rarely have the opportunity to honestly express and discuss it with others. This is not the … Continue reading

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Death Mook editorial

by Dion Kagan. First published February 2009. Death is so hot right now. Six Feet Under, Dead Like Me and Dexter are just the most recent cult examples of TV’s fixation with the grim, mysterious end. Not to mention CSI, … Continue reading

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Down & up

The Vignette Press site will be functional again by the end of October 2010. Promise. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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