Fun-Razor – Dungeon Mook: Crawl to Mount Geek!

When the comedy show Dungeon Crawl and Vignette Press’s mook series shared a cab toward the city centre, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. When the cab crashed into a truck carrying toxic waste from an experimental plant deep in Fitzroy, it was simply an everyday tragedy. But when a lightning storm triggered unforeseen chemical processes, something irresistible was born. A terrible fusion of indie publishing and geek comedy, what this previously innocent earth witnessed that day was the coming of the Dungeon Mook.

For weeks or years or days, Dungeon Mook hid in the back of small alleyway bars fearing to let the let the world gaze upon its strange and marvellous disfigurement. Taken in by kind-hearted Bella Union, however, the Dungeon Mook learned of its past. It learned how Economix and the evil DJ Monks of the New World Order had plotted against to keep its parents from their rightful ascendancy. If it couldn’t raise money to publish the most awesome literary-geek mash-up of all time, its parents had died for nothing.  Dungeon Mook knew that the Geek Mook must happen. Dungeon Mook knew what had to happen.

The Dungeon Mook became the Fun-Razor—a fundraising event that defies economics, the DJ monks of the New World Order and all other less entertaining fundraising initiatives. And the Fun-Razor was born. And it was awesome. And the Fun-Razor said, let there be a comic adventure and let it be well-attended. It shall be called:

Dungeon Mook: Crawl to Mount Geek!

Will you be there? Or does the Fun-Razor have to come find you?

  • 21 July 2011, doors from 7pm, starts at 8pm.
  • Tickets: Pre-order online $12 + $2 booking fee or $15 on the door.

Tickets (and following information) from the Bella Union website ( :

A special, literary-themed Dungeon Crawl raising funds for Vignette Press‘ Geek Mook journal, to be published later this year.

Ben McKenzie and Richard McKenzie bring together the hottest comedy nerds to  fight, bluff, bribe and possibly dance their way through a magical adventure, helped by your decisions and hindered by the devious Dungeon Master. Featuring a cast of bizarre heroes, dysfunctional villains and crazy quests – and of course, killing monsters and stealing their stuff.

“Very charming and frequently hilarious.” RHUM

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