How to Get GEEK

Geek Mook probes the vulnerabilities of geeks and geek culture. Editors Aaron Mannion and Julian Novitz have chosen both established artists and their emergent siblings to expose the patches and passions that contribute to the uptime—and downtime—of the most awkward and advanced computational device known to humankind: the geek. The moment is upon us.  Signs foretold have been fulfilled: the Stones have tweeted and the status is on the wall. Blessed are the geeks, for they shall inherit the earth.


Adam Ford * Adolfo Aranjuez * Alan Petersen * Alec Patric * Amelia Johns * Anastasia Cox * Andrew Heath * Angela Meyer * Benjamin Solah * Ben McKenzie * Brandon Sutton * Carl Shuker * Corey Wakeling * Damon Young * David Witteveen * Diane Simonelli * Emily Turner * Emma Doolan * Georgia Payne * Jana Perkovic * Joel Matthys * Julian Fleetwood * Kent MacCarter * Laura Jean McKay * Laurie Steed * Liam Pieper * Matthew Lang * Meg Mundell * Melinda Smith * Michael Farrell * Mike Lynch * Nancy Mauro-Flude * Philip Armstrong * Phillip English * Priscilla Clare * Sam Pash * Sarah Stanton * Stephen Orr * Susan Pyke *  Vern Skags * Vic Tietze

Geek Mook is available in hardcopy and as an e-book. UPDATE: You will need a BSB code to transfer money to a bank account. Please use BSB lookup tool if you have any problems finding your BSB number.

Hardcopy editions can be found in several leading bookstores and magazine outlets. It can also be purchased directly from Vignette Press via our SPUNC page: .

E-books are also available from, Kobo, Amazon and other major outlets.

As well as containing a smorgasbord of geekery, Geek Mook contains easter eggs. The hardcopy mook has three easter eggs; the e-book contains only one. If you think that you have found one, email Geek Mook ( with ‘Easter Egg’ in the subject line. In the body text, let us know what you think the easter egg is—hint, it’s a hidden message or something anomalous in the mook. We’ll reply with answers (and small prizes) until at least 2013.

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