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As you may have noticed, Vignette Press has been very quiet for a while now. Although I still have a passion for independent publishing and enthusiasm for Vignette Press, my priorities have changed a lot over the past two years and I have increasingly little time for publishing; not in the least because I’m publishing on behalf of the Emerging Writers’ Festival now also.

Over the past six months I watched Chris Flynn and Tiggy Johnson hang up their publishing boots, which had a big impact on me. They were two of the first people I made friends with along this independent publishing journey and are two publishers that I like and admire greatly. It got me thinking, where to next for Vignette Press? Although I no longer have the time to spend on Vignette Press, I didn’t want to see the press come to an end. So I hung on, doing nothing, but hoping that somehow the situation would resolve itself. Which it did…

This post is to tell you that I’m leaving Vignette Press.

I’m really proud of what I published at Vignette Press – Mini Shots, The Sex Mook, The Death Mook. I’m prouder still of the amazingly talented people that were included in the output of Vignette Press. I’m honoured that you all took a chance on a little press and let me publish your work (and for free, no less!). Through Vignette Press I met an incredible bunch of writers, publishers, editors, artists and readers, and I’m reminded of how special and awesome those connections are every time I walk into a book launch or read the program of a writers’ festival. Vignette Press is how I got to where I am today, in a position that I love and where I get to work with amazing writers on a daily basis. Thank you for being a part of that.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Vignette Press will continue on without me, under the inspired and intelligent guidance of a new publisher, Amy Espeseth. I have no doubt that Vignette will continue to go from strength to strength from here and I look forward to watching its journey. (Amy is contactable at amy@vignettepress.com.au.)

Thank you all for your support across the past five years, but especially to Julian Fleetwood, Dion Kagan, Jason Lingard and Emily Clark – I couldn’t have done it without you.

My Vignette Press email address is about to become inactive. Please contact me on info@lisadempster.com.au in the future.



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  1. genevieve says:

    congrats on all you’ve done, Lisa – a great ride and some terrific publications. (Not to mention a corker festival or two :D )

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