mook –
1. A bound, hybrid publication issued in series.
2. Not quite a magazine, not quite a book.
3. A collection of surprising, unconventional new writing.

Death-Mook-CoverHerein you will find death in all of its guises: spectral, abject, messy, mysterious, fascinating, sexy, seductive. Undertakers, corpses, plastinated body parts, the grieving and the ghostly aggrieved, the necrophiliac and the anxiously necrophobic, the haunted and the haunter, refugees of humanity, citizens of the afterlife, corpse brides, death-eaters, death entrepreneurs, fatal tourists, the savage, and the embarrassingly accident prone. Curious?

Edited by Dion Kagan. Read his editorial.

Download The Death Mook Sampler for a preview of what’s between the covers.

With works by Richard Adams, Alice Allen, Jon Bauer, JC Borrelle, Lyndel Caffrey, Kelly Chandler, Emily Clark, David Cohen, Kim Dawson, Tom Doig, Beth Driscoll, The Duke, Amy Espeseth, Michael Farrell, Julian Fleetwood, Chris Flynn, Greg Foyster, Emma Fraser, Gus Goswell, Caroline Hamilton, Justin Heazlewood, Julian Hobba, Amy Jackson, Rachael Kendrick, Krissy Kneen, Anna Krien, Gina Marich, Kate McNamara, Kirk Marshall, Carly-Jay Metcalfe, Angela Meyer, Peter Mountford, George Mouratidis, Meg Mundell, Anne Myers, Candice Petrik, Ben Pobjie, Jessica Rashke, Christine Rogers, Sara Saab, Alana Scott, Ronnie Scott, Laurie Steed, JJ Steinfeld, Yasmin Sumner, Elizabeth Switaj, David Tamarin, Phillip Thiel, Mia Timpano, Tobey Verey & Daniel Watson…

And illustrations by JC Borrelle, Sam Bowron, Catherine Campbell, Julia deVille, Susan Dlouhy, Emma Fraser, Raewyn Haughton, Emmanual Hernaez, Bronwen Hyde, Andrea Innocent, David Kassan, Nom Kinnear King, Antony Kraus & Shelley Krycer, Jason Levesque,  Sudeep Lingamneni, Rhys McDonald, Danny Neece, Kelly Towles, Sam Wallman & Trudy White.