mook –
1. A bound, hybrid publication issued in series.
2. Not quite a magazine, not quite a book.
3. A collection of surprising, unconventional new writing.

Sex Mook CoverBringing together the voices of over 60 young people, this collection presents an unusual take on the topic of sex. It would be duplicitious to claim this book was any kind of authoratative guide. But what it does have are hugely diverse – and much more entertaining – views on sex than is usually found in a mainstream media. There’s no airbrushing, no censorship and no one telling you what’s right or wrong. It’s real sex, in all its leaky, funny, noisy, confusing glory. This collection is rough and more than a little messy. But then, so is sex. Enjoy.

Edited by Julian Fleetwood.

Download The Sex Mook Sampler to see what’s between the covers.

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  1. Ooo! If my plans for an Erotic Cabaret go ahead this could be useful as a fundraiser.

    PayPal won’t let me pay 0.00 for the item though. I’ll add a dollar :)

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